About Us

Canaan Congregational Church congregants in front of the new church window
The Canaan Congregational Church family in its new church sanctuary

We Are a Church of Open Doors

The Canaan Congregational Church strongly believes in “Church” as people. We recognize and believe that a congregation’s numbers, ages, or genders do not matter when it comes to God’s indiscriminate love. Led by God’s Spirit, we chose to become an Open and Affirming Congregation and publicly and explicitly welcome persons of all sexual orientations and gender expressions. No matter where you are on your life’s journey, you are welcome here.

We Come Together for Worship and Fellowship

We are always exploring ways to deepen worship as a source of inspiration and spiritual growth, blending tradition and innovation. We are mindful of working for social justice and the responsible stewardship of the planet, in all that we do.

We Love Music, Art and Creative Expression

Music plays an important part in our worship, and we welcome many varieties of musical expression. Vocal and instrumental music are part of our services. Holding concerts and offering our sanctuary as a venue for recitals are ways of ensuring that musical expression thrives in our community. In the future, as the pandemic wanes, reopening the Sanctuary Gallery in our new space, coupled with expanding Creating Space Arts & Spirituality Collective workshop offerings, will bring more avenues of artistic talent to share with our neighborhood.

We Believe in Mission

Local and worldwide causes benefit from our generous congregation. From monetary support to organizations such as the Canaan Protective Fire Company and Church World Service Blanket Fund to donating food, school supplies and diapers to the Chatham Area Silent Pantry, we consistently respond to those in need.

We Remember and Cherish Our History

Organized in 1785, the Canaan Congregational Church building was erected on this site in 1829 with bricks made of clay from a Canaan farm. While we loved our historical church and recognized its significance in our community, we are thrilled to be in our new light-filled space. Embracing our tradition of service to the community and the world, we eagerly move beyond our four walls and strive to make a difference in this 21st century world by redefining “church” as more than a building – as people helping people.

Our Statement of Mission

To encourage spiritual exploration
and build inclusive community;
To share our talents and gifts
in service to our world;
Humbly following Christ’s example.

Open and Affirming Statement

Following the spirit and inclusive way of Jesus,
we embrace the diversity of God’s creation.
We welcome people of any sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnic, cultural, or economic background, and ability.
Everyone is invited to participate fully in our worship
and in the ministry of the Canaan Congregational Church.