Anti-Racism Forum: Loving Community Conversations About Race

Prejudice affects us all. Regardless of our intentions, our efforts to love our neighbors as ourselves, systemic racism exists in our American society, deep in its foundation.

Locally, the Chatham Area Interfaith Council (known for the annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service) has worked toward community harmony for more than 25 years. An offshoot of that group, the Anti-Racism Forum, has been meeting for a few years with members from the Buddhist temple, the Chatham Synagogue and several Christian churches including Payn AME church. The Forum has read and discussed several books including Robin Diangelo’s White Fragility, Resmaa Menakem’s My Grandmother’s Hands, Jennifer Eberhardt’s Biased and Senator Raphael Warnock’s A Way Out of No Way and has attempted to hear each other deeply.

In an effort to now broaden the conversation, the Forum is taking an initiative called “Loving Community Conversations About Race” on the road. The purpose is to engage the community in honest dialogue, educate ourselves and reduce tensions. If you know your neighbors, it is easier to understand and live with them.

Look for these conversations and join in one. They are an important way of living out our best lives and leaving a legacy of peace.