Stewardship and Giving

As we await information about the severity of the fire damage to our building’s structural integrity, our church continues its vital ministries to Canaan and beyond. Our missions work, outreach, pastoral care, and worship continue unabated and undeterred. We write this, knowing that we will continue as a church family.

Our members have always given generously of their time and talents, which will be especially needed going forward. We also look to our members to make a financial pledge to their church for the coming year. Much like Jeremiah, who in a time of crisis, bought a field and planted seed as an act of faith that the Hebrews would survive and prosper, we ask members to make this annual financial commitment to their church.

Make a loving commitment to your church, offering time, talents, and financial support!

Each member of the Canaan Congregational Church bears a responsibility to ensure that it remains vital and strong. Pledging is the primary way to fund the church’s ministries, including compensation to the pastor, music director, and bookkeeper. Pledging helps other people in need and is essential to the church’s robust missions program.