Milestones in Missions

The completion of the Directory of Environmental Organizations in Columbia County marks a milestone in the Missions Group’s focus this year on the environment. The directory is designed as a tool for encouraging local participation and support of the 36 organizations included, from the Alan Devoe Bird Club to the Wyomanock Center for Sustainable Living. Since this is a new kind of undertaking for the Missions Group, a little of the back story may be helpful.

In January 2016, Missions discussed how the church might support community groups working in areas of interest to our church, for example, Open and Affirming, the environment, and aging. After our church was designated a “green congregation” and Rev. Jim Antal preached on the environment in April, we decided to focus on the theme of the environment. Ultimately we decided our particular mission would be to prepare the environmental directory, since none currently exists. We worked on the directory through the summer and fall.

Traditionally, our mission funds are used to support organizations through monetary donations. In this case, however, we decided on a different approach. Instead of making monetary donations to several environmental organizations, we are printing the directory and providing three copies of the directory to each group listed. The groups can then “spread the word” to others likely to be interested, who can then access the directory on our website. In terms of publicity, this is a “win” for the groups as well as a “win” for our church. Copies will also be sent to libraries in Columbia County and a copy made available to church members who can similarly “spread the word.”

In this season of giving gifts, the directory is our gift to organizations that support God’s creation, Mother Earth, the planet that gives us life. Click missions-group-directory-of-environmental-organizations-2 for a downloadable copy of the Directory of Environmental Organizations in Columbia County, NY.