Canaan Congregational Church Hosts The Living Roots Trio

The Living Roots Trio will perform live in concert at the Canaan Congregational Church on Saturday, October 1 at 4:00 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door. Light refreshments and cash wine bar. The band will have CDs and t-shirts for sale.

The Living Roots Trio “predominantly ply a quiet, subtle British-style folk, delicate, ringing guitar picking a la Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Nick Drake, which quickly breaks into an American jazz-inflected swing blues, [which] is pure ’20s class. Meaghan Witri’s vocal harmony brings a lovely light to the proceedings, ringing out clear as a bronze bell over the smooth burr of Séamus Maynard’s cello[-like] tenor. …They bring an airy, graceful gentility to the folk gathering that is particularly, stunningly beautiful” (No Division blog).

Founded by singer-songwriter Maynard and vocalist Witri, the band is recently joined by versatile jazz bassist John Merritt. Maynard, originally from Harlemville, NY, studied classical guitar, composition, and acting. He has been performing as a musician and actor since his teens. Witri is originally from Chestnut Ridge, NY, and is an actress, singer, and musician. In addition to professional work in plays and film, Witri tours internationally as a soprano soloist performing in cathedrals and sacred spaces.

After releasing their album To All Things in January 2016, The Living Roots Trio has shared its music with festivals and venues across the country and overseas. For more information about the band, see their website at